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Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs Scotland (G64): Trance or hypnosis is a state of consciousness that will happen naturally throughout our lives (for instance daydreaming), it may be self-imposed, or it can be triggered by a specialized hypnotist. This kind of altered mental state can on occasion be when you discover a solution to an annoying problem or get an amazing idea that will change your life. Pretty much everybody in Bishopbriggs will have come across this at some point.

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Normally, when in a hypnotic state, patients will likely have a heightened reaction to suggestion, might have a better pain tolerance, are more able to remember distant experiences and memories, are inclined to be more innovative, could be more responsive to self-healing and have an enhanced imagination, in comparison to those who have not been hypnotised.

Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs Scotland (G64)

The hypnotherapy process is when a person is intentionally led into a subconscious trance in order to treat an ongoing health condition or change a bad habit. The variety of conditions that may be helped by hypnotherapy is extensive and could be anything from helping somebody to get over the claustrophobia, stop blushing or quit drinking alcohol to managing severe depressive disorder or those afflicted with sleeping disorders.

Although it is normally believed to be a fairly modern innovation, hypnotherapy in its different forms has been employed for many hundreds of years by witchdoctors, tribal doctors, Hindu fakirs, shamen, and others. The Chinese have followed quite similar methods for in excess of five thousand years, and even the ancient Egyptians used a form of hypnosis in "dream" or "sleep" temples as they were known.

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To bring us a bit more up-to-date, in the nineteenth century 2 Scottish surgeons James Braid (1795-1860) and James Esdaile (1808-1859) were among the first to ascertain that hypnosis had a beneficial effect on patients prior to receiving surgery. In the twentieth century American psychiatrist and psychologist Milton H. Erickson commonly employed hypnosis in his practice. The first to use the term "hypnotherapist" was Dr. John Kappas in 1973, he also penned the acclaimed "Professional Hypnotism Manual", and established the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (1957).

According to the law in Bishopbriggs, there isn't any legal necessity for hypnotherapists to take part in any form of specific training in order to practice. The negative aspect of this is that individuals who are not health related professionals and who've got the minimum of instruction can advertise hypnotherapy services in Bishopbriggs and nearby. Whenever possible you should try to use the Professional Standards Authority website to uncover a trusted hypnotherapist near to you.

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Hypnotherapy treatments can be found in Bishopbriggs and also in nearby places like: Glasgow, Old Kilpatrick, Renfrew, Dumbarton, Paisley, Torrance, Clydebank, Bearsden, Bishopton, Hardgate, Campsie Glen, Anniesland, Killearn, Bowling, Strathblane, Milngavie, Duntocher, Croftamie, and in these postcodes G64 1EQ, G64 1ED, G64 1PD, G64 1BZ, G64 1JL, G64 1NZ, G64 1DX, G64 1HD, G64 1AX, G64 1NF. Checking this should ensure you access locally based providers of hypnotherapy. Bishopbriggs residents are able to benefit from these and various other related services.

Hypnotherapy May Be Used To Treat These Phobias and Fears

  • Fear of Rats
  • Social Phobias
  • Bodily Phobias
  • Flying
  • Blushing Anxieties
  • The Fear of Spiders
  • The Fear of Dogs/Cats
  • Eating in Public
  • Sexual Phobias
  • Fear of Going Outside
  • Fear of Closed Spaces
  • Environmental Related Phobias
  • Public Speaking
  • The Fear of Heights

Conditions That Can Be Remedied With Hypnotherapy

  • IBS
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Relationship Problems
  • Depressive Disorders
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Panic Attacks
  • High Blood Pressure Levels
  • Smoking Addiction
  • Low Self-Confidence
  • Drug Addiction
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Gain Problems
  • Stress

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Bishopbriggs

They claim that "it's all in the mind", and people who've tried diets previously and shed some weight, only to put it back on again, will no doubt agree. It's the way that our mind work that makes us think we can eat lots today and diet another day. You should try hypnotherapy if you wish to lose weight and keep that weight off for good. In enhancing your self-discipline and helping make you tougher mentally, hypnotherapy for weight loss will enable you to avoid the urge to eat any time you are faced with something delicious.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs

A phobia that affects up to twenty percent of us at any given time is the fear of flying, and it can really affect the lives of those who suffer from it.

It can mean that they cannot go abroad on holiday, or that they have to avoid certain situations at work which may involve air travel (or avoid certain career paths altogether).

Ask 50 different people with a fear of flying what it is about flying that they dislike, and you will likely get fifty different answers...

  • I hate it when they lock the doors, and I know I can't get out.
  • Flying is un-natural, there's no way that great big machine should be able to stay up in the air.
  • I hate the take off and landing.
  • I wish there was an emergency stop to pull, like there is on a train.
  • I worry about what people are going to think of me if I "freak out".
  • I don't like it when the plane makes noises that I don't understand.
  • I'd feel much happier if I were flying the plane.
  • I dread waiting in the airport for the flight to be called.

...the list goes on and on.

The level of anxiety felt by somebody with a fear of flying can vary greatly as well - for some people there's a relatively low level of anxiety, that just spoils their enjoyment of their trip, for some people, it's a feeling of total panic from start to finish.

For some, the fear of flying will just affect the flight itself, whereas for others, the fear of flying will start even before they buy their tickets, and the anticipation of the upcoming flight will build and build, so by the time they get to the airport on the day of the flight, they are almost "in pieces".

The fear of flying may involve an outright panic attack, with the person refusing to get on the plane at all, and in some extreme cases, the plane may need to turn back because of someone's reaction to the plane starting to move.

Hypnotherapy can really help with the fear of flying. The form of hypnotherapy that might be best for you, really depends on how the fear of flying affects you specifically, so the best thing to do, is meet with a hypnotherapist and discuss your symptoms.

Hypnobirthing Bishopbriggs

Hynobirthing is growing in popularity as a way for mothers-to-be in Bishopbriggs to plan for a drug free, natural birth by applying breathing and relaxation techniques, combined with self-hypnosis. The procedures applied to hypnobirthing can help both newborn and mother during childbirth, with a proven lowering of fear, anxiety and pain.

The procedures can be passed on by a certified hpnobirthing educator who will make sure that the mother-to-be is mentally and physically prepared for childbirth. As professionals they are trained to guide mothers through the breathing and visualisation methods that ameliorate feelings of tension and anxiety from early labour through to the actual birth. Prior to the birth they will be there as a support for both mum-to-be and birth companion, and to offer guidance and advice on how to have a natural, drug free birth.

If you're lucky you may be able to enroll for hypnobirthing classes in Bishopbriggs, in which case you are able to share your experiences with other like-minded mums-to-be.

An established hypnobirthing childbirth instructor in Bishopbriggs must satisfy the standards that are set by the Hypnobirthing Institute's Executive Board. (Tags: Hypnobirthing Practitioners Bishopbriggs, Hypnobirthing Techniques Bishopbriggs, Hypnobirthing Classes Bishopbriggs, Hypnobirthing Bishopbriggs).

Sleep Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs - Hypnotherapy for Sleeping Problems

Sleep Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs Scotland

It would be awesome if the answer to our sleep issues was simply hitting the sack early, but for a lot of people in Bishopbriggs, it's not as easy as that. The problems and worries of everyday life can mean that sleeping is difficult and also bring about anxiety. So, is it feasible that hypnotherapy may be able to help us solve some of the most commonplace sleeping disorders, and get us back on track?

Assisting you to reach a state of trance or hypnosis, a professional Bishopbriggs hypnotherapist will open up your subconscious mind so that it's more receptive to positive suggestions. Modifying the way in which your mind deals with the idea of sleep, your therapist will insert positive and compelling suggestions, using a raft of different techniques. This can help to ease the worry, undesirable habits and anxiousness that are often associated with sleeping issues. So you can reinforce and develop the changes effected by your hypnotherapy sessions, you could also master some self-hypnosis routines that you can practice in your own home. (Tags: Hypnotherapist for Insomnia Bishopbriggs, Sleep Hypnotherapist Bishopbriggs, Hypnotist Sleep Bishopbriggs, Sleep Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs).

Driving Test Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs

The driving test really can be one of those situations where the anticipation of the driving test, can be just as bad, if not worse, than the driving test itself! You might be worrying in case you're not quite 'ready' for your driving test. You might be fearing what might happen during your driving test that you're not used to. You might worry about if you'll be able to remember everything you've been taught once you're on your driving test.

Fretting about all these things in anticipation of your driving test in Bishopbriggs can gradually become worse and worse as your driving test approaches, until a day or so before your driving test, you are so nervous, that it can feel like your nerves are in tatters!

On the day of the driving test, your nerves might be so bad, that you just seem to go to pieces, and you fail your test.

The nerves that can be caused by a driving test, can affect even the most experienced learner driver.

Of course, everyone approaching their driving test who is feeling nervous will have their own specific symptoms, but, some very common ones include...

  • Not being able to remember the answers to questions.
  • Feeling nauseous.
  • Comparing yourself to all of your friends who have already passed their test, especially those who delight in telling you that they 'passed first time'!
  • Feeling worried about telling people you've 'failed' again.
  • Having a dry mouth.
  • Shaking.
  • Worrying whether you'll be able to follow all of the driving instructors commands.
  • Feeling nervous in the days, and particularly the hours leading up to the driving test.

Some folks feel so nervous about the driving test, that they may never put themselves forward for their driving test at all.

Driving Test Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs

How can hypnotherapy help with driving test nerves? Well, the answer to how hypnotherapy can help with driving test nerves is simple. Some people feel that they just need a little bit of a boost in their confidence in the run-up to the test, and hypnotherapy can help boost your self confidence in the driving test. Some people are anxious in life anyway, and the driving test is just another time when they feel anxious. For those people, hypnotherapy can help with the underlying anxious feelings, so that the driving test then just feels so much easier. Some people, quite simply, need help relaxing in the few days leading up to the test, and of course, hypnotherapy is all about relaxation, so it can certainly help with that!

However your nerves are affecting you in the run-up to your driving test in Bishopbriggs, hypnotherapy could be the answer to it, by helping you to relax, stay confident and calm, and pass your driving test with flying colours!

Smoking Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Bishopbriggs

We all basically realise why we need to give up smoking cigarettes but almost everyone delay it until a later date. You arrival on this web page would suggest to me that you are an individual who seriously wants to stop as soon as possible. The fact is that breaking away from that frightful habit and altering your patterns of behaviour is not going to be simple, in spite of the fact that you truly do want to quit smoking more than anything in the world. Because when you are undergoing hypnosis, your brain becomes significantly more receptive to beneficial suggestions, it enhances your determination to give up smoking cigarettes and helps you completely break your dependency.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Bishopbriggs

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Bishopbriggs

It's been scientifically researched and confirmed that a professional hypnotherapist is able to those who suffer from stress, anxiety, fear and panic attacks. Working collectively with your Bishopbriggs hypnotherapist, you will be given a course of hypnotherapy for anxiety sessions to ascertain the root source of the problem.

It's worth noting that individuals being affected by anxiety are certainly not alone; one out of every seven people in Bishopbriggs and around the UK are afflicted by anxiety that requires professional intervention. The favourable effects of hypnotherapy on anxiety begins with being able to recognise and spot the triggers that can cause anxiety in sufferers. Hypnotherapy often helps sufferers overcome the strong feelings of anxiety by a mixture of calming the mind, using deep breathing techniques and relaxing the body. (Tags: Hypnotherapy Social Anxiety Bishopbriggs, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Bishopbriggs, Anxiety Hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs).

Coming Soon: Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction Bishopbriggs.

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To discover more about hypnotherapy on social media check this out. Head to Wikipedia to learn more details on solution-focused hypnotherapy, curative hypnotherapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, traditional hypnotherapy, autosuggestion, hypnosurgery, cognitive/behavioural hypnotherapy and the regulations concerning hypnotherapy. To follow conversations concerning hypnotherapy visit one of the hypnosis forums, discussion threads include "General Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy", "Stress", "Anxiety", "Hypnosis in the Media", "Self-Hypnosis", "Solutions Corner", "Request a Script", "Overcoming Habits", "Addictions" and "Quitting Smoking". If you're searching for a hypnotherapist in Bishopbriggs and want a craftsman who is approved and qualified you can go to the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis website. To read an informative article about what happens in a hypnotherapy session head here. See a step by step YouTube guide on hypnotherapy here.

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Your nearby Bishopbriggs hypnotherapist should be able to help you with: hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome, public speaking problems, phobia hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, headaches and migraines, hypnotherapy for addictions, help with stammering Bishopbriggs, hypnotherapy for the fear of flying Bishopbriggs, phobia hypnotherapy, sleep hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, addiction hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, stress management, relationship problems, food hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, fertility hypnotherapy, hynotherapy for OCD, stage fright hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, relaxation hypnotherapy, alcohol addiction hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, fears and phobias (ie the fear of of spiders), analytical hypnotherapy, hypnosis for IBS, gambling addictions, anger management, childbirth ('hypnobirthing') Bishopbriggs, sleep hypnosis Bishopbriggs, eczema, PTSD, hypnotherapy for exam nerves, pain control, panic disorders, hypnotherapy price quotes in Bishopbriggs, OCD hypnotherapy Bishopbriggs, high blood pressure and other hypnosis related treatments. These are just some of the tasks that are conducted by people specialising in hypnotherapy. Bishopbriggs professionals will be happy to inform you of their whole range of hypnotherapy services.

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