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Hypnotherapy UK: A state of awareness that may manifest naturally, be self-imposed or can be brought on by somebody talented in hypnotism, hypnosis or trance is a half-conscious state which is something between sleeping and alertness. This kind of transformed mental condition can sometimes be when you discover a solution to an irritating problem or get a great idea that will change your life. Pretty much everyone in the UK is going to have encountered this at some point in time.

When a person is in a hypnotic state they have more imagination, might be more responsive to the possibility of self-healing, may have a better tolerance of pain, are more able to recall past memories, are able to be more innovative and are likely to have a heightened reaction to suggestions, compared with a subject who is not in a hypnotized state.

Hypnotherapy is the action of inducing this subconscious condition in an individual so that healing results can be obtained. Pretty much anything from helping somebody to stop binge eating, conquer a claustrophobia or quit eating chocolate to helping with individuals experiencing relationship problems or troublesome anxiety and stress, could be helped by a session with a hypnotherapist.

Although often thought of as a relatively modern day idea, hypnotherapy in its different forms has been performed for hundreds of years by Hindu fakirs, healers, voodoo witch doctors, shamen, and others. Even the Egyptians used a version of hynotherapy in "sleep temples" (or dream temples), whilst the Chinese have implemented quite similar treatments for over 5,000 years.